Your Monday Muse: Finding Grace & Harmony through Giving

Finding Grace

Finding Grace

There’s an old song from Tennessee Ernie Ford that goes: “Noah found Grace in the eyes of the Lord and he landed high and dry!” Finding Grace is possible when we seek it out in times of trouble. There is refuge in the healing power of God’s grace. We all must be mindful that we have value and worth in the eyes of God.

Of course we mess up from time to time! We are only human. In the Daily Word, we are reminded: “With grace, every failure becomes an opportunity.” The chance for redemption, the love of God for his children and the opportunities that are before us each new day allows us to grow and to change.


To live in “perfect harmony” as they sing in the Coke Commercial is a high ideal. I have always envied those musical families that can sing in harmony. It seems that may be a good way to bring warring factions together, no matter the differences. When we do find those who disagree with us (which happens too often these days), we can learn to hear them out and respect their opinions and their right to speak.

We do not foster disharmony in our belief system by simply listening. If we can find ways to agree, then we can think of ways that will bring about harmony and healing. And when we know there are things that need to change, we can find the grace to be able to take courage and use discretion as we speak out.


Giving is one of the best words to sum up the entire teaching of Jesus Christ. He gave his life, but he also gave us wisdom and parables and taught us that love is the way, the truth and the light. When we learn to give generously of ourselves, through our time, and with patience and with laughter and with love in our hearts, that is the greatest gift we can bring.

Giving helps to transform us and makes us whole. It can make us feel alive at times when we need that affirmation. By giving gifts of joy and love, you will find the inner peace we have spoken of often in The Growing Group.

Bible Verse: For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also-Matthew 6:21

Mantra: I am going to seek out and actively ask for the grace that is found in the eyes of God. And in doing so, I will define the ideal harmony in my own life. If it is beautiful music, poetry, quiet reflection or simply the love of family, I can reflect on what harmony can bring to my own life. Finally, I will think of ways to give. Not only of myself, but in small acts of kindness or simple kind words and compassion that may mean more than we know to others in need.

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