Monday Muse: Finding Adventure & finding Inner Peace

Inner Peace
Finding Adventure


I have a joke with my Mom about how some of the ‘adventures’ that the characters in all of the romances we read will suddenly regret their adventurous natures. They seem to always think, “I don’t want THAT much adventure please!…” And that is the nature of life as an adventure. There are those who are described as having an adventurous nature. They may appear to some of us to be reckless, or seem to never be satisfied unless they are risking their life in some manner.

And then there are those who appear to be quite meek and mild. Yet they work in dangerous professions or do things that defy their outer demeanor and appearance. The idea of adventure calls up images of romance and danger. And yet each day, we may find an adventure that is humorous or memorable. It is part of the mantra we spoke of: “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” If we grow in spirit, and seek out spiritual adventure we can acknowledge Helen Keller’s inspirational words, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” Life itself is the adventure.

We may then be able to think in terms of rising to the challenges set before us and to rejoice in the exuberant experience of living each day with new vigor and zest that answers the call that we have set for ourselves and that God has for all of us.


We often talk of honor in terms of honoring our commitments. And if life is our adventure, we must rise to the challenges we face and uphold the commitments that we have made to ourselves and to others. Honor is something that often goes hand in hand with bravery. In the military, honor itself and the ‘code’ by which some choose to live their lives is valued above all else.

Honor is an important part of our lives. We need to honor those we love, and to honor those commitments we make to ourselves. When we choose to live with our own code of honor, it will also become a part of our valued self-esteem. We need to honor those commitments as we honor all of our adventurous ventures through life.

Inner Peace

Finally, this week we speak of Inner Peace. It is a rare and elusive thing to find inner peace. It is almost akin to a great safari adventure where we seek treasure and riches in life, only to realize the true treasure we seek is something found within us. This elusive quest for inner peace is an important part of our lives. We may set impossible goals for ourselves, and we may fail in some respects when we cannot live up to our own high expectations. But true inner peace is something that can be bestowed upon us from a spiritual strength and guide we discover within ourselves. Older people seem to understand more of this feeling. It may be that they realize they have fought a good fight.  And in the end, they have come to see that the things that really matter are those that cannot be measured in gold or in material possessions. They are the times we lived with honor and upheld our own values. And they are the adventures where we showed the strength of our character and our passion. Inner peace is something that we may find in a surprising manner as we think back, reflect and listen, and grow spiritually. It is the truest treasure we seek on life’s adventurous journey.


Mantra: This week I will commit to defining what my adventures on life’s journey should be. And I will listen and learn when I mull over what steps I should take. I will think of times when I had to commit and to reveal an honorable solution or end to a problem. And finally, I will reflect on what true inner peace can mean to me. To do that, I’ll think about a long-standing conflict that needs to be resolved. And whatever the challenge is, it will finally be confronted. I will resolve to end it and move forward. Inner peace is the goal I seek each day.

Love one another with mutual affection; outdo one another in showing honor- Romans 12: 10

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