Your Monday Muse: Freedom to choose is a wonderful thing!

“Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.”

That’s just one take on what Freedom means. This has turned into a controversial subject. And the idea and ideals that were laid out before us as Americans was simple. It was good vs evil and Superman was fighting for  “Truth, Justice and the American Way!”

Now we are fighting within a Global Village. And yet this African-American Spiritual featured below still resonates with so many with the chant: “Let my People Go.

The Evil of Compromise

Theologian G Campbell Morgan speaks of the Evil of Compromise. In his treatise- “Evil’s Compromise” he talks of how Moses didn’t equivocate with Pharoah when he said, “Not a HOOF shall be left behind!”

Morgan writes, “…That is the true attitude of the man of faith. Evil is always suggesting some compromise. To listen to it is to remain enslaved. The only way into liberty is to leave the land of evil…” Thus speaks someone who is perhaps on one side or the other of the current culture wars and battles over masks and Education priorities and other things.

The Freedom to Choose

Evil is seen as a compromise and the other side is always evil. We are not enslaved peoples. We are all free Americans. We are free to say and do what we please. And free to fight for what we believe. At the same time, we must help and protect each other as we are all pilgrims on a spiritual journey.

It’s important to remember that within the tribe of Israel there was in-fighting. And the story was such that many were not shown the promised land because of this. We need to reach the promised land together. And to be on the side of right. And we all have the freedom to choose. That’s a wonderful thing!

Go Down Moses

African American Spiritual

When Israel was in Egypt’s land,

Let my people go,

Oppressed so hard they could not stand,

Let my people go.

Go down Moses,

Way down in Egypt land,

Tell the Pharoah,

To let my people go.

Thus saith the Lord, bold Moses said,

Let my people go.

If not, I’ll smite your firstborn dead,

Let my people go.

No more shall they in bondage toil…

Let my people go.

Let them come out with Egypt’s spoil,

Let my people go.

The Lord told Moses what to do…

Let my people go.

To lead the children of Israel through…

Let my people go.

As I stood by the waterside…

Let my people go.

At the command of God, it did divide….

Let my people go.

When they reached the other shore….

Let my people go.

They sang a song of triumph o’er…

Let my people go.

Mantra: Today I will think of the many personal freedoms that I am granted daily. The freedom to speak, and move about, and shop and laugh and argue and write and think. Those freedoms are some of the treasures I store up and want to preserve forever. It’s not a political freedom, although that has been an issue that is discussed fervently. I will feel blessed by my freedom, and buoyed up by my responsibilities as a spiritual being. Finally, I am mindful of my core values that guide my life and my goals moving forward.

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