Your Monday Muse: Musing about Free Will & our Guiding Light

On Free Will

The poet, Alfred, Lord Tennyson, wrote a poem that spoke of having free will called, “Strong Son of God.” One part of it goes like this:

“…Our wills are ours, we know not how,

Our wills are ours, to make them thine.

Our little systems have their day;

They have their day and cease to be:

     They are but broken lights of thee,

            And thou, O Lord, are more than they…..

Free will as part of the Broken Light of God

Free will is seen in his poem as  a little system that is no more than a broken off piece of light of the divine body. It’s funny that we recently heard from science that our bodies do contain the stuff of stars, the components that make up the universe. Which makes sense in a way, as we know that there are a finite number of materials that can make up our world with the elements contained within a table.

And in the same way that Tennyson speaks of the Free Will of man, the poet John Donne talks in his poem of battering the heart. “Batter my heart, three-personed God….For I …shall never be free”

We do have free will and we are in ‘thrall’ to that God that captivates us and who is surely capable of battering our heart. I believe the poets put it best in the two dynamics at work in our lives. In our spiritual life, we are bound always to our beliefs and our faith and our own set of core values

Freedom as a Choice we make

Yet in our everyday lives, we are at times floundering and looking for a way forward. We wonder what is the best thing to do, and what is the right path to take? And always, when we can find that center that is the ‘sweet spot’ of our own life experience and values, and our spiritual core where we know we must follow the guideposts before us, we have been able to steer in the right direction.

Freedom is a choice and we spoke last week of the ways that we are blessed with personal freedoms. But in addition to this, our free will is a captive where we know we must do the right thing in our own lives and in our personal journey and growth.

The Spiritual Journey in The Growing Group

That is the reason for our spiritual journey in the Growing Group. In the end, the idea of having the ability to choose the right path, and to seek guidance from a higher power is the reason that we speak of the two forces at work in tandem in our lives. Our free will guides us, and yet our spiritual freedom leads us to the inner truth.  And we are humbled by the knowledge that we are simply part of the light that is broken from a source that shines forever.

Some of us may remember the old soap opera titled “The Guiding Light.” Well, the light that guides us is one that shines eternally before us.  And  we realize our little systems may someday be swept away, but the source of inner warmth and radiance will always be our guiding light.

Mantra; I will seek to gain empowerment, wisdom and strength in my own life decisions this week. First, by thinking of the advice that has helped me the most. Then, I’ll think of times I’ve given advice and the love and care that were behind those words. Finally, I’ll think of my own core values when I ask for future guidance in solving problems and reaching my new goals in life.

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