Your Monday Muse: On Opening the Door to Progress

Opening the Door

Opening the Door

In the Bible, Revelations has a passage in 3:8 that reads: “Look, I have set before you an open door, which no one is able to shut.” When I see the phrase “Opening the door” I think of many things. Opening the door to your heart and opening the door to possibilities are two things that immediately pop into my head. And they are both positive ideals.

It’s an upbeat and optimistic way of looking at life when we see the doors that were closed may lead to open windows or other doors of opportunity that we never dreamed were possible! The “Daily Word” reflects that life itself is an open door, and we need to embrace the doors that open to us. The mind is often too full and our hearts need to be open to the notion that things we hope and plan for may be just around the corner!


The things that we achieve in life are often surprises even to us. We don’t simply sit and reflect in our daily lives of the things we did manage to achieve. I remember wanting to have markers for achievement when I was younger, and just out of college. But then some things fall apart, or your plans have to be put on hold, and you find that life gets in the way of your grand plans and ideas. But the notion that you did not achieve the things you set out to do twenty years ago does not signify failure. There are many doors open, and as the poem says, the road not taken is one that leads you in a different direction. You do need to think of all you have been able to achieve in life in spite of the setbacks and disappointments that occur along the road. We realize we are made stronger by the things that have shaped us in life, and one thing that signifies achievement is belief in yourself. Against all odds, remind yourself in the quiet times that achievements come in many shapes and forms. That you can believe in yourself and be stronger is a remarkable kind of achievement.  And you will find more fulfillment when you start to reflect on what it means to achieve inner peace and the strength of character you have shaped in your own life.


We often hear that progress is slow. The vaunted wisdom of Dr. Martin Luther King is often cited when speaking of the progress and victories in Civil Rights. He reflected that the arc of the moral universe is slow, but it bends towards justice. Dr. King was so right about this.

When do we get to declare victory in life? We already know the answer….Never can we declare victory when our life is in progress. Progress is always going to be slow, as we face one challenge after the other. But in the journey, as we grow, we know that progress has been made. It may be small green shoots sprouting in different areas in our life.

There is a mantra that we close our eyes and can recite, especially in times of turmoil: “All things work together for good for those who love God” and we can use this as our mantra for progress.  The idea is that we do not get to see the “Big Picture” of how the story of our life turns out.  And for those who love their God, when times are dark and we get down, then there is sure to be a light at the end of the tunnel. If we did but know it, we could see progress being made as the arc is bending.

Bible Verse: We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

Mantra: I will open the door to the possibilities that enfold in my life. They may have been closed in my mind before, but they will open now. I can reflect on past achievements that were made and I didn’t acknowledge or accept. And I will work on being optimistic in my outlook for the progress that is made rather than the obstacles that are always there in my life.

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