Your Monday Muse: The Growing Group Round-up for August!

For the Growing Group and those who would like to join us!

To reset some of the ideas we spoke about in The Growing Group, here’s a Round-up of some thoughts from the past month. I’ve also included links to the Growing Group Magazine, which features many of the same ideas and ideals that we talk about each week.

On Finding Happiness

This month, we asked how to define happiness. And looking at the different stories in the Bible, there are tales where a woman finds peace following her mother-in-law to a strange new land, a fitting reflection for the many refugees we see that are now looking for new homes outside of their native Afghanistan! A couple who longs for a child suddenly finds they are expecting. These are the human stories that give voices and real depth to the ordinary people who do remarkable things in life.

And we made a list of the ways that we have found happiness in the past. To compare them with where we are now in life, and to see if these things will still bring us happiness. Or if we need to adjust our thinking about our own definition of Happiness! Here are some of the pieces from the Growing Group Magazine about Happiness:

 Living with Doubts

We heard from the great Evangelist John Wesley where he asks: “I went to America to convert the Indians, but O! who shall convert Me?!” Talking of his ‘summer religion’ gives voice to those doubts that we all face.  In that moment, we suggested that owning up to our doubts and facing them is the best way to move forward.

And our mantra helped us to heal as we were mindful through the month of owning up to our own doubts and fears in life. In the end, the healing power of forgiveness and love is the point of the exercise.  Spiritual Author Holley Gerth talks about Fear & Perfectionism in her post from The Growing Group this month.

Forgiving Ourselves

 And finally, we spoke of forgiveness. Remembering Christ’s grace, and his disciple Peter, who saw his body & soul humbled by Christ’s act of forgiving him for denying him earlier. And we sought to forgive ourselves, even if we could only make restitution at this late date by owning up to the transgression and asking for forgiveness to bring peace and closure.

Here are some thoughts about working to stay positive from The Growing Group magazine:

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