Your Monday Muse: The Growing Group Round-up for October!

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With the theme of Blessings this month in the Growing Group, the Round-up for October features some things that will serve as guideposts in your life.   When you are looking for ways to stay positive, (even when it looks like life has handed you a lemon!), you can look at the ways that you may have even had blessings in disguise when things do go wrong in your life.

When we hear the phrase,  The Lord helps those who help themselves,  the idea of having free will and self-determination come to mind. Americans have always been great believers in the idea of pulling yourself up by the bootstraps.

Hidden Blessings

Keeping that in mind, we also have thought of times when there were hidden blessings we received, as well as blessings we may have given to others. The emphasis is always on thinking of others in your life as you work on goals to succeed.

The measure of kindness you can bring is discussed, as well as ways that it can positively affect your health. And when you pro-actively work on staying positive and productive, you can start your week right, and form habits that will help you stay focused and on track.

Ways to Re-define Success…

Finally, author Holley Gerth speaks about how we define success in our lives. We may need to redefine what we always thought we wanted as our ideal of being a success! If we want to look at the world in different ways, there are some inspiring stories from those who will help us see the world through their eyes.

All of these are part of our road to positive growth that we find in the Growing Group.

Blessings to all of you!-ML-The 6 Degrees Writer

Round Up

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