Your Monday Muse: The Growing Group Roundup for November

For the month of November, we have focused at The Growing Group on our Blessings. The Blessings Book is available to download here. There are also some new articles in our Growing Group online magazine to see dealing with Gratitude. Holley Gerth writes about gratitude “when it’s hard to give thanks.” There are ways to make kindness a habit, and we talked about them at 6 Degrees this month.

Habits of Gratitude & Happiness

The Growing Group magazine has an article about ways to practice gratitude and make it a habit. We know that doing things for others, and working to find blessings and to feel gratitude is another way to make people happy. But there are always some who find it hard to feel happiness. We all know people who don’t find it in their nature to feel blessed or happy. There is some research behind that-find that also in the article, “Why some people find it harder to be happy.”

We have many blessings in our lives. I feel blessed to know so many kind and dedicated people who have lived their life in the service of others. That is a blessing that I will carry with me and try to pass along to others as well!

The Monday Muse presents: Advent Tales

Hoping that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. And as we head into the Christmas season, please remember to look at our Advent Tales each week on 6 Degrees. The first week is about “Crossing the Stream” and is on our website.

Please remember to sign up for The Growing Group and like our Facebook page “The Monday Muse” if you can each week. Here’s the list of articles that have appeared in “The Growing Group”  magazine roundup this month. Enjoy!

The Growing Group Round-Up

  • How to live a Happy Life
  • 120 New Beginnings Quotes
  • Stop doing these 3 things to get motivated
  • Making Smart Decisions
  • How to Fix Mistakes we have made
  • Habits of Happiest People
  • Mantras for a Bad day

Mantra: This week I will think of the many blessings I have and work harder to find gratitude for all that I have been given in my life. I am going to try and make a habit to find gratitude, to make smart decisions, and to work at finding my happiness in life. I will use the mantras to guide me, and work to stay motivated as we go into the Holiday Season.

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