Your Monday Muse: The Power of Yes in our Lives

            The Power of Yes!

Motivations for the week…

Inspiration to last a lifetime!

Your motivational phrases for the week are The Power of Yes!, taking a Leap of Faith and Growing!

The Power of Yes! 

The power of Yes! In our lives is a great boon if we use it wisely. Remember the funny movie where Jim Carrey was stuck with a negative attitude, until a self-help seminar taught him to unleash the power of yes? Although this was a light comedy, it does illustrate the simple truth of our lives. We DO tend to get stuck in ruts and routines, and we can also learn to break free by doing something different. It is a way of saying Yes! to God as well as to the spirit within that is healed and soothed when we learn to think and move in positive ways. The TV show about saying “Yes” to the dress (a wedding dress!), illustrates the point that we need not give up our lives to become consumed by saying yes to all things. But, when we choose wisely, we will find the way to help others and to live outside of ourselves.  We can then learn to bring the power of yes into our lives each day.

Leap of Faith

When we take a leap of faith, we acknowledge the need to hold our lives in trust to others. But the only leap of faith and true bond of trust that we nurture each day is our faith in our own abilities, and that of the spirit that dwells within us. The spirit is one found in God and in our own faith. The idea that we are loved eternally, and that there is a spirit that watches over our lives is what gives us the power to trust in ourselves.  And with that leap of faith, we acknowledge the ability we are endowed with to do great things, as the Universe unfolds according to God’s plan.


The Growing Group has sprung out of the need in all of us to acknowledge the power of growth within us. Without the ability to grow and to learn and to recognize opportunities and new possibilities, life can become stagnant and even quite dull. Just as we see the possibilities of a plot of earth that has not been fertilized or tilled, there is the opportunity to grow as a human and as a spiritual being. That is the purpose and the offer we seek with the Growing Group as an example. It is our offer to you, and the possibilities for growth that we seek each day.

Positive Planning
Relevance of Positive Planning

Bible Passage: For the son of God, Jesus Christ, whom we proclaimed among you….was not “Yes & No” but in him, it is always “Yes”- 2 Corinthians 1:19

Mantra: I am going to vow to try new things, and to be open to new possibilities. By saying yes to new opportunity, I am going to visualize the growth of my own dreams and goals this week. I will embrace the power of “Yes!” in my life.

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