Your Monday Muse: Upon Reflection & Restoring Order from Chaos….

Upon Reflection…


As we take time to meditate and to pray, we need also to take the time to reflect on the image within.  That means we need to contemplate more than just a few times a year on the spiritual nature of our being. Certain times of the year call for looking back and reflecting on the year that has passed. And we often meet at weddings and more often at funerals to reflect and look back on what has transpired in our lives.

On a daily basis, we need to take time to reflect on the inner image that we are searching for within. Our quest for spiritual peace, the inner peace that we have often spoken of, is something that we may find in quiet prayer and meditation.

It is often a time to explore not only the recent events that have transpired, but often it gives us time to put things in perspective. Some slight or hurt that we feel may somehow become less magnified upon reflection. We are reminded that there is a chance for us to shine from within and bring the light of our healing words and inner wisdom to the forefront when we take time to reflect and to understand who we are, and what really matters the most to us.

Restoring Order

The affirmation from the Daily Word says it all: “I am one with the divine order of the Universe.” But how often do we feel somehow out of sync or disorganized? There is a famous influencer, Marie Kondo, who does nothing but tell others how to restore order and peace to their disorganized world.

Restoring order in our own lives is something that we spend a great deal of time worrying about. We expend a lot of our energy to make it happen. We are also reminded when we feel overwhelmed by clutter and chaos, that there are those things that are not in our realm of control. Chaos may abound in the lives of people we love. And we often call them “Train Wrecks’ or tell others they are ‘on a banana peel waiting to slip!”

However, when we do take time to reflect, then we can see things from a wider perspective. It is then we realize that the inner realm of our own life is the only place we can dwell where the need to restore order comes within our control.

Living for Others

We often speak of the need to look inward in our lives. And yet, those with divine wisdom will tell us to not only look within ourselves for courage and strength, but to gather it from the love of God and the divine wisdom of Christ. When we focus our energy inward, we are often leaving out the one vital ingredient that gives meaning to our lives.

We can learn to love ourselves, to love our God, to search for strength and wisdom, and still have room in our lives and our hearts to reach out and to love others. Most of us will naturally gravitate to those who are easy to love. Our family and those who love us are the best sources of strength and daily renewal of energy and light.

When we find others that need our love and our support, we often shrink from the life-draining chaos of those lives that we have seen may have gone off the rails. In my case, a young man I had loved as a son was a hopeless addict who was in and out of prison and eventually died very young.

It has been said that all hope is lost when there is nothing left after death. But we do know, those of us with faith, that there is light and hope- as long as there is love. When we live not just for ourselves but for others, we can find the time to remember those who cannot ‘get it together’ and may have lost their chance. We can live for others with hope and with God’s love.

All things should be done decently and in order-1 Corinthians14:40

Mantra: This week I will remember to spend time in meditation and in prayer. Reflection will include those actions that are current as well as past, as I incorporate the idea of loving others and living for others as well. I will realize that I can restore order to my home, my work space, or my closet, and I also have the power to restore order to my conscience and my own heart. I, alone can be the keeper of the flame that keeps the order of what is important in my life. Loving others and living for others is part of that order that I will reflect upon and work each day to realize.

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