About 6 Degrees



About 6 Degrees…

It’s all about Connections!  The theme of the entire website is about the connections that make up the circle of 

6 Degrees of Separation that connect us in life…

About Me-The 6 Degrees Writer

I am a lifelong movie buff… starting as I worked in college as a film critic for the college newspaper and continuing with the blog I began over a decade ago…. This page is about the many connections I have created through the blog and after writing 6 Degrees of Film…


My Non Profit Life
 The jobs that I had included volunteer work as well. I worked for the Child Abuse Council which is now Champions for Children. The work focused on going into the school system and raising awareness about bullying and issues of self-esteem. My non-profit life led me to work and volunteer in churches for over 20 years. It also included working as the Director for a small non-profit that focused on mentoring foster children and raising awareness for self-esteem.  The connections I have created have led to the creation of the Growing Group and the close friends I’ve made as I have worked in churches and non-profits as well as Christian Education programs for the past two decades. 
Conversion on the road 

With the Self Esteem workshop I attended over 20 years ago that made a huge impression upon me….

Following that workshop, a young man that I knew and was like a son to me had his life cut short after struggling with addiction for years. That was another turning point in my own life. It was a wake up call also on the importance of awareness of the precious value of our lives and our own worth.  It made me being to think of ways to reach out and connect with those we love. That has led to the self-esteem journal and messaging that is a big part of the Growing Group mission. The Ccnnections here have allowed me to create the Growing Group and begin to focus on self-esteem.  And all those things have led me to the Life Coach/ Christ Coach book and life-coaching.

Finally, the influencers and mentors who I have connected with online include Gretchen Rubin and Holley Gerth. They are two women who are wildly successful and have inspired me to shape and create The Growing Group.

Caregiver and “Dog Mom” 
My current life and focus is on caregiving. But all my life I have been an animal lover extraordinaire.  
There is a political component to some of my work.  In recent years, it has advanced with the emphasis on Brown Bag Organics and environmental issues. Some of my work is found on Twitter and in my 21st Century News Connections. (You can follow me @mljtpa on Twitter!)
For Social Media
I’ve made friends with people who have dogs and have joined Facebook Groups.  It’s easy to connect with old friends online. Many are those who also care for aging parents…. Some of my besties online have sprung from the wonderful online sites on Facebook

For Facebook – The Tampa Natives Site!  Mario Nunez , a friend of mine and old school chum, has built a great site called Tampa Natives that is a wonderful repository of stories and he now has a podcast that is  just wonderful….

Some of the really talented and fascinating people that keep the high school friends connected are part of the Plant High Reunion site

And my very dear friends come from my sorority connections at Chi Omega/ Theta Theta Chapter from USF.  We are all still together through bonds of friendship and…..Connections we share!

The most recent  connections I have found occurred when I started working as an entrepreneur online in the fall of 2019. The people who have helped to coach me and advise me in business are all professionals and creators.  And  the many online workshops and classes I’ve been involved in have helped to shape me as I created the website for 6 Degrees Writer.

 The Cross Creek Connection

The years that I spent with pilgrimages annually to the site of Marjorie K Rawlings home where she wrote The Yearling at Cross Creek.are documented in pictures below…One of the most valuable connections I’ve made was Beverly Browning.  She has been my mentor and the impact that the visits to Cross Creek have inspired me to write the vignettes and essays that I love.

My Writing Life Connections...

 Have led to the many conferences and workshops. The people I’ve met are all creators and professionals. They include Jewel Parago/ Publisher and Bev Browning / Ghostwriter and Tara Richter/ Writer/ Publisher  along with my friends online. I have “Linked In” connections like writer Debra Ann Pawlek and film reviewer Jason King.

Another connection is Nina Amir, the successful writer who is known for her “Blog a Book” best-selling book. She has also advised and coached me. All of these are valuable connections and they have led to the book I first published in 2013- My Grandmother’s Shakespeare

Brown Bag Connections…

Finally there is the Brown Bag Organics business, founded almost 20 years ago.  It was created as part of my own growing awareness of the need for a place for healthy and inexpensive products for those who were living with food allergies and compromised immune systems. I had met a wonderful nutritionist- Dr Betty Wedman St.Louis, who helped to open up a new avenue in my own life.  For my first 35 years, I had suffered  living with IBS and a compromised immune system. After learning about the gluten-free diet, it was a life-changing experience that helped to shape my own thinking on diet and nutrition. The connections I’ve made, with “Dr Betty,” really gave me a second chance at life.  And from there I finally completed a cookbook in 2018 -PC Cooks!- which included many of my own gluten-free recipes.

All of these connections are a part of my life.  They makeup  the places I’ve gone, people I’ve known and the experiences that  shaped me into the person that I am now. I am someone who is still seeking connections as The 6 Degrees Writer.



You’ll find here a place to browse, to read essays and film reviews, look at excerpts from books, read short stories, and explore connections that weave through our lives in ways that bring us closer together. We find that 6 Degrees of separation is nothing at all in the course of time…

That is the 6 Degree theme for both the website and many of the posts you find here. We hope you enjoy, explore, and return often…looking for connections that may uplift, inspire and stay with you for all the days to come.



Cross Creek Connections

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